Record number of alcohol related hospital admissions


According to recent figures from the NHS, a record number of people are being admitted to hospital as a primary or secondary result of alcohol.

A huge 1.3 million people were admitted to hospital as a result of alcohol in 2018, 7.4% of all hospital admissions in England.

Almost half of those admissions are of people aged between 55 and 74 and two thirds of those were male.

In ten years, admissions to hospital because of alcohol has risen by 60%.

Southampton had the highest rate of hospital admissions due to alcohol, at 4,020 per 100,000 population. East Sussex had the lowest rate at 1,080.

In our Winter 2020 issue of International Therapist (IT) magazine we cover how to support clients who want to take the first step towards changing their drinking habits. In this feature we look at survey results and include tips from Lauren Booker, an expert from Alcohol Change UK. Read more.

View the latest NHS statistics on alcohol.

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