FHT Ambassador gives a talk to staff at a cancer charity


FHT ambassador Vanessa Franklin was invited to talk to staff at the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity in November.

The workshop was to share best practice, ideas and new protocols in the industry. Some of the topics included how to create a suitable treatment environment, as well as how to maintain hygiene standards and safe working practice.

The group also discussed mental resilience and the importance of having a support network for the therapists.

Vanessa said: ‘At the end of the day we had a speaker from an earlier session conduct a role-play session, which explored the varied family dynamics of someone living with cancer. This activity highlighted where therapists might need guidance or might need to signpost to other experts.

‘Within our own breakout session we then followed on with how a therapist could offer support and how to refer clients to other professionals.

‘I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity for the amazing work they do for those living with cancer and their families.’

Do you know who your local FHT Ambassador is? Find out at fht.org.uk/ambassador

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