Manchester North coordinator promotes FHT Local Support Groups in new video

Manchester North FHT Local Support Group (LSG) coordinator Martin Thirlwell has recently created an informative video to highlight the benefits of the FHT and being part of an LSG.

The video gives us an interesting glimpse of a recent meeting, where group members attended a workshop on first aid, learning potentially life-saving skills.

Group members talk about their impressions of the meeting and how beneficial it is to network with other local therapists.

Martin says: ‘We came up with the idea to film the promotional video to give people an insight into what the LSG evenings involve, what they include, and what you can learn from attending these events. We always try to involve audience participation and make these evenings as interesting as possible.

‘It also gives the opportunity for people to share the video to promote what the LSG meetings are all about, demonstrating holistic therapies from a range of qualified speakers and bringing together likeminded people for a chance to network.’

Find your local group and feel part of a therapy community!

Local groups are a valuable hub for all those with a passion for therapies. Come along to hear from excellent speakers about the latest therapies and business ideas, take part in outings and social events, enjoy treatment swaps and share best practice.


We hope you enjoyed this article, which was first published in the Spring 2019 issue of International Therapist!

International Therapist is the FHT’s membership magazine. Published on a quarterly basis, it offers a broad range of articles – from aromatherapy and electrolysis, to sports injuries and regulation updates. The magazine is a membership benefit and is not available off-the-shelf or by subscription.

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