New things this November


Action for Happiness (AFH) encourages us all to broaden our horizons in the month ahead with its New Things November Action Calendar.

AFH publishes monthly calendars, offering daily affirmations on the theme of the respective month. ‘New Things November’ follows, ‘Optimistic October’, ‘Self-care September’, ‘Altruistic August’, ‘Jump Back July’, ‘Joyful June’, ‘Meaningful May’, ‘Active April’, ‘Mindful March’, ‘Friendly February’ and ‘Happy January.’

Suggestions for this month include the following:

  • Broaden your perspective: read a different paper, magazine or site.
  • Teach yourself a new skill. Origami? First Aid? Meditation?
  • Choose to do something out of your normal comfort zone.
  • Find a new way to help or support a cause you care about.
  • Use one of your strengths in a new or creative way.

Download the calendar

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