Learn how the NHS works in online course

Updated 13/11/2018

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The King’s Fund has set up a free online course about the NHS in England, which will allow people to get a detailed understanding of ‘its inner workings, current and future challenges, and how it all fits together’.

The NHS Explained: How the Health System in England Really Works course starts on 15 October and runs for four weeks, requiring two hours of study per week.

The topics covered include:

  • How the NHS in England is structured
  • How different services work together to deliver health care in the NHS
  • How funding flows through the system
  • How well the NHS is doing
  • How performance is measured in the NHS
  • Future challenges facing the NHS and how the system is changing in response to this

The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning how the NHS in England works, including health and social care staff, therapists, patients and anyone looking to work with the NHS.

FHT members can gain eight CPD points by completing the course and reflective practice. Please note that while the course itself is free, if you want a certificate of completion you will need to upgrade and pay £42.

Find out more

Read an article from International Therapist about an FHT member who developed a complementary therapy service within the NHS

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