NHS England commission guide to social prescribing

Doctor and patient

NHS England has recently commissioned a guide for making sense of social prescribing.

Social prescribing is often referred to as ‘community referral’ and is the idea of making non-medical options available to healthcare professionals to help improve a patient or client’s health and wellbeing. Social prescribing is designed to address the needs of a person whose health issues do not stem from disease or injury but are the result of socioeconomic or psychosocial factors.

The guide incorporates research from a Wellcome Trust funded seed award: ‘Investigating the provision and conceptualisation of Social Prescribing approaches to health creation’.

Broken down in nine sections, the guide covers the following:

  • An introduction to social prescribing
  • What is social prescribing?
  • What do different models of social prescribing schemes look like?
  • The essential ingredients of social prescribing schemes
  • What makes a good link worker?
  • What makes for a good referral?
  • Managing risk, safeguarding and governance
  • Evaluation of social prescribing schemes
  • A checklist of considerations for setting up a social prescribing scheme

The full guide can be downloaded from the Social Prescribing Network page on the University of Westminster website.

Click here to read an article on social prescribing from the Summer 2017 issue of International Therapist.

2 thoughts on “NHS England commission guide to social prescribing

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