Anti-pollution skincare sales surge by 30%

Clay mask shutterstock_265297949_low res

Sales of prestige anti-pollution skincare in the UK have grown by 30% in the past six months, according to the NPD Group, a global information company.

Furthermore, sales of anti-pollution face masks have increased even more dramatically, by as much as 112% in the first half of this year, while a 62% growth was reported for anti-pollution moisturiser.

June Jensen, Director, NPD UK Beauty says: ‘The trend for anti-pollution skincare emerged a couple of years ago and has made a significant impact in the prestige beauty market. At first, just a few brands launched targeted anti-pollution products, but now, as the market develops we are seeing more brands introducing products that are specifically designed to protect the skin from pollution.’

Read an article about anti-pollution skincare in the FHT online reading room 



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