Top tips for creating a website that works for you

Your website greets your ideal clients when you can’t.

Woman typing on laptop computer.

In the middle of the night, it can give someone a sense of hope. While you’re shopping in Tesco, a potential client can find out more about your business. When you’re on a training course, someone can figure out if you’re a good fit for their needs. While you’re looking after an existing client, a potential new one can be deciding to book. Your website is your front of house when you can’t be. It’s a reflection of who you are and the problems you help people with.

And developing a website can also be a big deal financially can’t it? “What if I spend all this money and it doesn’t work?” It’s really normal to stay stuck on the starting blocks with a website. “What to do first? What needs to go where?” Or to set yourself up for a headache and extra costs down the line. “If only I’d known this back then.” I’ve made costly mistakes, too.

I want you to be confident you’re investing your money (and time and energy) wisely. That’s why I’ve created this video from ‘How To Market Your Holistic Practice’. In it, you’ll discover how to sidestep the website pitfalls that trip up the newbies. Plus, I’m lifting the lid on how to make sure more of your ideal clients stick around your website. Then book.

Want my top tips for getting your website to work for you? Grab your favourite notebook and press play to get started below.

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