Guest post: Helen Roach, MFHT

It is possible to enjoy touch therapies and beauty treatments from the point of cancer diagnosis and beyond?

Guest post: Helen Roach, MFHT

Helen RoachI qualified as a beauty and complementary therapist 20 years ago. Back then, anyone that had been diagnosed with cancer was excluded from having any therapy sessions; a definite no-no, a contra-indication of treatment.

Since then there has become an increased level of awareness and acceptance that not only will those with cancer come to no harm or worsen their diagnosis, on the contrary, they will often encounter a heightened state of well-being. For women who are diagnosed, cancer can present a number of questions and challenges of their female identity, of their femininity.

“All I wanted was for people to treat and see me as a normal woman after having surgery through cancer. Helen really put me at ease and it felt wonderful to be pampered again.”
Fiona Murphy, from London.

I completed a post-graduate course in adapted oncology massage, facial, scalp, hand/foot and nail treatments, and Indian Head massage with the Jennifer Young Training School. Since then, I have given treatments to numerous women who have expressed their joy at their inclusion in the world of traditional beauty and complementary treatments. It’s an honour to be part of a movement that opens the door to women who appreciate, sometimes more than most, the well-being potential of touch therapies.

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Please note, complementary therapies should always be used alongside conventional medical care and not as an alternative. Always tell your doctor or consultant if you are having any complementary therapies while under their care.

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One thought on “Guest post: Helen Roach, MFHT

  1. Thank you for this post Helen, I have had several female clients come in to the salon where I work in Wimbledon who have had some form of cancer or other . I had a client in a lot this year for reflexology who had the 1st stage of leukaemia, who found the treatments very relaxing and was not on any medication. Also recently, one lady who was on chemotherapy tablets , for an adrenal tumour removed last year , she had a back massage with me and one lady who had a full body massage, who
    had an adrenal tumour removed back in July . Whilst I’m not oncology trained , I have been to a seminar earlier this year given by a professional therapist of 30 years who gave a talk on cancer and who was assuring all there who attended that cancer could not be spread in the body through massage itself . He’d been informed by clinical oncologists that this was not possible as massage is a mechanical process . What these clients wanted was the power of touch & I was always careful with my technique in the treatments.
    However, for my own peace of mind and reassurance , I would like to attend an oncology course in the future to improve my understanding of this area. Thank you.


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